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You will never find a nicer group of race organisers than David Gladwish and his crew.

Every event I've attended, and there've been a few now, has been impeccably organised, and has been characterised by a community feeling of support and encouragement.

Look forward to seeing you at Endure again in '22!

— Patrick T.

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It's truly time we had access to races and events that challenged the mind intellectually as well as the body.

iEndured organise events that involve a bucket of strategy as well as stamina and strength. Grab your chess board in one hand, a barrel of calories in the other and prepare for wicked spin.

— Mark G.

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I have known David for over a decade now and I can confidently say that his organization is top notch to say the least.

I depended on his organization to climb the 7k Aconcagua. His zest for extreme sports is fascinating and he is surrounded by a crew that are just as enthusiastic.

— Giovanni C.