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Top Squad - The First to 10 tons.

When it comes to picking up heavy things, it doesn't get more raw than the almighty deadlift. 

Wrap your fingers around a bar and stand up tall. To many, the amount of weight one can pull to their hips is regarded as the ultimate measure of strength (I argue that it's childbirth sans epidural, but let's not split hairs). 

The majority of competitions containing a deadlift element focus on one rep max attempts or the goal of lifting a specific weight a specific number of times the fastest.

In an attempt to shake things up, we’re getting our buns-of-steel athletes to lift a target volume instead.

That volume is precisely 10,000kg, and how they get there is where this all gets very interesting. 

Athletes will be able to choose how much weight they put on their bar, and in turn calculate how many reps they will require to hit their target. This weight can be changed throughout the competition, should they want to trade plate-switching time for a lighter or heavier rep scheme.

They will also be allowed to choose their preferred lifting style - conventional or sumo, accommodating their individual physiology and training practices. 

Much like the electric competition floor at the Crossfit Games, we will be introducing heats for Events 2 through 5. The number of heats, and the number of athletes within each one will be mainly based on:

  1. The size of our venue and the amount of gear at our disposal (we are close to nailing down our perfect spot - we’re taking our time to make sure we get it right, so bear with us).
  2. The number of Squads in the competition.

Until both are confirmed, our teams will need to be prepared for any split.

Heats add an exciting dynamic to a multi event challenge. The first wave of athletes to hit the floor are the teams at the bottom of the leaderboard standings. The next heat consists of the squads just above them, (etc, etc) and the last to sweat are the leaders. 

The difference in Top Squad of course is that while you are normally in control of your own position on the Leaderboard, here it is your teammates' performances in previous challenges which will determine where you start. 

Let's draw up an example. 

15 Squads are competing. We opt for a 3 wave Lift.

The last 5 teams based on current Leaderboard standings hit the metal first. 

Advantages? Less waiting around. You get to do your job, relax and watch the fun unfold over the next 2 hours. For the ultra competitive among you - you are the pace setter; able to instill fear and doubt into the hearts and minds of the next lifters with your superior athletic prowess. 

Disadvantages? You are the pace setter. Everyone coming next has been able to watch you lift and can make alterations to their strategy should they need to. They now have a time to beat.

The teams with the fastest runs will play last in Event 2. In Event 3, heats will once again determine who sets the pace on the row; now based on the combined points of runner + lifter. The number of heats and athletes within each one may vary from one event to the next, so stay on your toes.

Consistency is key throughout the competition, but this structure will ensure everyone will need to huff and puff on Saturday to set their teams up nicely for the final 3 events.

And finally let's remember this fun factor over all our events: there are no women's or men's divisions. We'll have an exciting mix during all our challenges, as each team selects which of their two female and two male athletes take on each event. We think that's pretty cool.

So, will a power/weightlifter or strongman athlete with a high weight, low rep approach see them to victory? Will a crossfitter plough through the competition with a lighter bar and a superior high rep-engine? Or will a jack of all trades sneak in somewhere in the middle and find the perfect balance? 

We'll introduce you to some of our lifters on our socials, so let us know who your money is on. 

Let's lift!

*Looking for a Squad? Check out our public Team Builder sheet for others in the same boat. Enlist yourself or approach the athletes to get the ball rolling.