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You will never find a nicer group of race organisers than David Gladwish and his crew.

Every event I've attended, and there've been a few now, has been impeccably organised, and has been characterised by a community feeling of support and encouragement.

Look forward to seeing you at Endure again in '22!

— Patrick T.

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It's truly time we had access to races and events that challenged the mind intellectually as well as the body.

iEndured organise events that involve a bucket of strategy as well as stamina and strength. Grab your chess board in one hand, a barrel of calories in the other and prepare for wicked spin.

— Mark G.

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I have known David for over a decade now and I can confidently say that his organization is top notch to say the least.

I depended on his organization to climb the 7k Aconcagua. His zest for extreme sports is fascinating and he is surrounded by a crew that are just as enthusiastic.

— Giovanni C.

Let's talk fitness.

Top Squad - The First to 10 tons.
When it comes to picking up heavy things, it doesn't get more raw than the almighty deadlift. Wrap your fingers around a bar and stand up tall. To many, the amount of weight one can pull to their hips is regarded as the ultimate measure of stren...
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Top Squad - The Race across Malta.
Our weekend of fitness kicks off with the longest event: a race from one end of the island to the other. It’s no secret that I’m exceptionally excited about this one. The imagination is the limit with a running event really, and we wanted a ...
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Top Squad - a Game of Strategy, Stamina and Strength.
I find every element of endurance based challenges interesting, but the way an athlete chooses to approach their task, to me, is fascinating. By definition, long events quite simply allow for more time for things to go wrong. How an athlete plans a...
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